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Vitamins & Minerals

In the balanced diet of breeders, the vitamin’s play a vital role for nutrient availability and digestion. Vitamin’s are not only important for breeder’s but vitamin supplementation plays a major role in progency. To ensure good chick quality, good breeder health and production, every vitamin must be supplied in the diet as per requirement of breeder.



1 kg of BREEVIT ® PREMIX contains
Vitamin A            22.50     MIU
Vitamin D3          4.50        MIU
Vitamin E             60.00     g
Vitamin K3          8.00        g
Vitamin B1          4.00        g
Vitamin B2          20.00     g
Vitamin B6          6.00        g
Vitamin B12        0.03        g
Niacin    60.00     g
Cal. D Pantothenate       30.00     g
Folic Acid             4.00        g
Biotin    0.20        g
Vitamin C             100.00   g

Organic Nutritive Carrier               Q.S.

Usage : Mix 1 Kg of BREEVIT ® PREMIX per ton of feed.
Homogenous mixing in feed
Better chick quality
Better nutrient digestion and availability
Vitamin supplementation as per requirement of bird
5 kg, 20 kg