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About Founder

Born on May 2nd 1950 in a small town near Hyderabad, Mohammed Abdul Mokeet had very humble beginnings. He was born in a lower Middle class family with 5 siblings. He grew up in hyderabad and did all his schooling and college from the city.

He went to Vetenarity science college of Hyderabad through scholarship from the Indian government due to his excellent performance in studies and won a gold medal for being included in top 3 students on campus. He then completed his MBA by taking night classes in Osmania University campus in hyderabad.

He then joined Venkateshwara hatcheries as a technical doctor in 1975 and gained the experience and knowledge needed to start his own business. He decided to start his own business in 1984. The first project was to put a small commercial layer farm called Pahadi Farm with a capacity of 5,000 and slowly expanded it to 30,000 birds.

With the success of the first project and vast experience and connections in poultry industry, a group of Doctors which included Dr Raghvendra Shivani, Dr Sardar Mohammed Khan and Mohammed Abdul Mokeet started a Medicine Manufacturing company known as the Doctors Brand Pvt Ltd. It was hugely Successful due to their reputation and trust people had in this technical team. They soon changed the name of the company to Systemic Minerals Pvt Ltd.

But he got his big break when he decided to start Systemic Hatcheries Pvt Ltd in 1991 with the same group of investors as in Systemic Minerals. It was a Hatchery layer business which was a huge success and it grew at a extremely fast pace in a matter of 3 years.

This was just the beggining. Dr Mokeet then ventured into the broiler breeding business and started a joint venture with many investors with a name of Southern Breeders Pvt Ltd holding the majority of the stake in the firm. It was the turning point in his carrier and he never looked back after that. He then started Standard Breeders Pvt Ltd which has today turned out to be one of the most successful company in poultry business in India.

He also started many different companies after, Which includes Micro Nutients Pvt Ltd, Highgain Breeders pvt Ltd, A.P Hatcheries Pvt Ltd and Gainmore Hatcheries Pvt Ltd.

He was also on the Board of many companies which included MGM Group, Diamond Hatcheries Pvt Ltd, S.M Breeders pvt Ltd and Classic Breeders pvt ltd.
This was all possible due to his vast knowledge and experience in the industry and the respect he earned through his peers. He was a very hard working and motivated individual who created a business empire from scratch.


Unfortunately Dr. Mohammed Abdul Mokeet passed away on September 23rd 2007 due to cancer which was a huge loss not only to the industry but to the society in which he contributed a lot.